Deshi Saree has always a high demand of the subcontinent women who live anywhere in the world. Here are only some examples because it is never possible to show all types of Saree in a page.
 Tinni who is wearing Tat made of Tangail, is a popular saree model in Bangladesh.
 Bangladeshi Tangail Tat Saree is very popular and has a high demand both in India and Bangladesh.
Bangladeshi Tangail Tat Saree brings a number of variety during Eid Festival.
 Dhakai Jamdani Saree is fabulously popular for any occasion and party.
Indian Georgette Saree is becoming the trend for India, Bangladesh and Pakistan where variety of Georgette saree is being used during all major Festival either Eid or Puja.
 Wearing style is very important for saree. Saree can be worn in number of ways but now a days Indian Drama serial is influencing women..
Old is always gold and it is very true for saree. It can be found old style of saree blouse is becoming popular now a days.
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